Caring Pediatric Dentistry in Hollywood, FL

A child’s first experience with a dentist and doctor are amongst the most important of their life. Many adults may fear the dentist, but having positive early experiences with a kids dentist in Hollywood, FL, can have a tremendous impact on the way a child views dentistry and dental procedures: not only throughout the rest of their formative years, but even into their adult life.

If you’re searching for pediatric dentistry, we can provide comprehensive dental services in a fun office that helps take the fear and anxiety out of the experience. It doesn’t matter whether this is your child’s first visit to the dentist or if they are receiving continuing care. We always look to make every child’s visit special and provide them with a warm and welcoming environment for their dental procedure.

Services Provided

As a leading kids dentist in Hollywood, FL, we can help with the prevention of tooth decay, routine checkups and cleanings and provide other services as needed to ensure your child receives the best level of care possible. Among the many services we can provide are fillings for cavities using state-of-the-art materials, baby root canals to save a child’s tooth, crowns to save the structure of teeth, tooth extractions and the application of silver diamine fluoride to prevent cavities from growing larger.

Our experts in pediatric dentistry in Hollywood, FL can also help if you have certain concerns about your child’s habits, such as thumbsucking or tongue thrusting, and can offer the aid of appliances to help with stopping these habits. Children who are especially anxious about certain dental procedures can also benefit from auxiliary behavior management methods such as nitrous oxide or sedation dentistry during certain dental procedures. We offer this service as a way to make sure dental procedures are safe and comfortable, additionally reducing the anxiety that can often occur.

We provide our services to children of all ages, from newborns and infants to teenagers. If you are seeking a kids dentist in Hollywood, FL, contact us today at 954-581-7883.