Pediatric dentistry ortho testimonials

“My kids are always begging to go to the dentist; to hear them talk you would think it was Disney World. I love that my children can be seen at once, and I can be with all of them throughout their appointment. Thank you for such a great experience every time.” – Maia

“Dr. B made it so easy to get our kids to the orthodontist. They of course loved the games and Dr. B’s “singing,” but his willing and courteous staff made scheduling easy and appointments very pleasant for me.” – Ana

“I get so many compliments on my “Babyak smile”. My experience while in treatment was great and the office was wonderful. Dr. B’s staff is fun and easy to talk to. And I love the way my teeth look.” – Melisa

“We love Dr. Trupkin and his staff!!! Dr. Trupkin saw my husband as a child and we are fortunate enough to have our kids visit him as well. Dr. Trupkin is caring and my kids love seeing him, not to mention the game room too!!! They are like family!” – Janette

“I have known Dr. Trupkin and Dr. Babyak for 39 years. Their office continues to go above and beyond for dental care. The legacy continues with Dr. Abby and my kids. They are part of our family—enough said!” – Kim

“Double our thanks to Dr. Babyak and his wonderful crew for all the extra care and attention you have extended to Jared through his long road to a beautiful smile.” – Jared and family

“My daughter has special needs, and I was a nervous wreck getting her here to go to the dentist years ago. But at PDO they’re warm, they embrace her, they’re fun, they laugh with her, so she is actually excited now to come here. The staff is so, so very welcoming!” – Stacey

“Dr. B treated my husband and, after bringing our daughter to him for treatment, I understand why he insisted she see him. I have been so pleased with Dr. B and his caring staff.” – Karen

“I like this office because they make me feel like I’m not just any ordinary patient. I’m part of the family.” – Kelly

“Dr. B took care of my orthodontic problem and now he is seeing my children. I would not go anywhere else. He was and continues to be a wonderful doctor and a nice person.” – Emily

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